Heather Findlay Band / Odin Dragonfly

Fibbers, York

23 November 2012

Ah... I run out of things to say, everything I wrote before is still true.

Odin Dragonfly only do four songs again but they are the four best songs I have ever heard, and Angela plays Which Wood? twice, so I could have gone home happy then.

The Raggy Anns, great as usual, marred only by a crowd that's too rude to shut up while someone's trying to sing. I've noted the same thing before at this venue specifically. Fibbers crowds, you suck.

Heather Findlay Band (guest starring Angela Gordon)... there really, really are no words for this.

This was my last gig. I mean, ever. I have seen every concert I ever need to see. Nothing will top tonight, and if I stop now I can always remember that I finished with the best concert I have ever seen.