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Jon Anderson

Newcastle City Hall

12 October 2005

Just a few brief words on this one... the same set as Saturday, but with a few different stories between the songs. The hall was nowhere near full, and though the atmosphere and crowd reaction was good, I think he would have done better in a smaller place.

His voice is starting to sound tired, and I'm sure he notices because he winces at a couple of points where it almost cracks. But it doesn't hold him back from delivering the songs, and he still sounds beautiful.

The new songs are more familiar now and they are just as good as anything he's ever done.

And there isn't anything to add... except, here are some pictures (slightly better than from York)...

Jon with acoustic guitar

Looking a bit lost on the huge stage (and behind a huge guitar)

Jon with MIDI guitar

The amazing MIDI guitar

Jon at the piano

Intense concentration at the piano. You get the impression that it's not his natural instrument, but the sparse playing accompanies the songs perfectly.