Mostly Autumn Christmas Party

The Lion Inn, Blakey Ridge

11 December 2004

Top five reasons why this was better than the best concert I have ever seen:

5. Snowballs
4. Misty
3. Mama Mia
2. Silent Night

And the #1 requirement for the best Mostly Autumn gig ever:

1. Which Wood


...I think I might just collapse and die now...


I would like to apologise for that slightly incoherent post. Well, it was two-thirty in the morning.

I honestly don't know how to review the evening. I saw Roger Waters standing at the back, checking out the band for the first time, and he was justifiably appalled by the proceedings. (Joke © Heather Findlay, 2004.)

But for a fan, the experience was without equal... imagine all your favourite Mostly Autumn songs and a band that's having so much fun they sometimes can't play for laughing... probably about 100 fans (friends) in a room so tiny it's smaller than the stage of the last venue I saw them at...

Umm... ok...

Christmas carols, beer, jokes and stories, snowball fights, more beer, arguing over what to play, forgetting songs, re-learning songs, dressing up as Abba, (too much beer), Father Christmas, discovering that not only can Iain play Misty but Troy can sing it (my father used to sing it...sniffle), ah... it's completely pointless writing a review because words make it sound too cold and it was just... wonderful.

There are some words you just can't say...