Unpublished Writing

Fey (PDF, 11 pages text & comic script format, 203 KB)
Comic book proposal with series outline and first five pages of script. Developed from an idea submitted to the Shadowline Comics "Who Wants To Create a Super-Heroine?" contest. (© 2008)
Duty (PDF, 12 pages manuscript format, 62 KB)
2700-word short story written for a "shared world" anthology. The anthology was never published and rights to the story reverted to me, though I don't own the Beta City setting. (© 2011)
Starlight (PDF, 4 pages comic script format, 272 KB)
Short comic script submitted for Mark Millar's 2016 Millarworld Annual, using Mark's Starlight characters and setting. Starlight is © 2014 Millarworld Limited & Goran Parlov. All rights reserved. (© 2015)